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Africa Luxury  Group is a luxury lifestyle management company . Our a portfolio covers every facet of luxury living for the busy affluent  African market.  Africa Lifestyle  Group offers  valued business and management consulting services for premium luxury brands in various stages of their growth for the Africa marketplaces. We have created a luxury management brand  company with competitive insight and deep understanding of the African luxury market , brands and trends.

We understand the fundamentals and dynamics of the luxury industry in high value global markets which will enable  Africa to build a vital competitive edge as a luxury destination for business and pleasure.We are continually building networking platforms to enhance our relationships with other luxury industry leaders and that enables us to focus on business development, strategic alliances and market penetration. We take a direct approach  when it comes to brand introductions, global marketing, events and partnership

vector-diamond-featuredAfrica Lifestyle Concierge

Africa Lifestyle Concierge is an up-market concierge service that provides affluent clients with flawless, intuitive support. Our service is custom designed for people who know the value of their time and want to concentrate on their core needs. Africa Lifestyle Concierge is dedicated to the RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE in all aspects of its operations, whether serving clients at home or at work. Our personal concierge service will manage your daily errands, complete your household or work projects, and free your time for life’s more important tasks

We offer an exclusive lifestyle management service that enables our members to focus on what is important, rather than on what needs to be done.   We take it upon ourselves to source the absolute best in terms of all our suppliers and partners, to achieve our goal of an intuitive service. A simple email, call or sms and your needs will be catered to. So leave it to us to help you enjoy your life in the most luxurious way possible.